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  • Why Bamboo ?

    18 octobre 2009 ( #Introduction )

    The “wood” of the future is GRASS it is BAMBOO !!! Briefly , we must do something about the climate change.In our little corner, we try to do our best believing that if each of us does something, we will succeed to save this Planet for our CHILDREN. If...

  • Why Thailand ?

    18 octobre 2009 ( #Presentation )

    For the moment, the most active country in BAMBOO is China, but they produce mainly parquet/flooring. With the BIG quantity requirements which goes with HUGE production capacities. Here in Thailand, we can produce smaller quantities with Assurance that...

  • What does Chalet & Bamboo Co.,Ltd do ?

    18 octobre 2009 ( #The Chalets - Cabins )

    Chalet & Bamboo.,Co. Ltd is starting to produce Small Cabins to enter in the niche market of: - In many countries, (E.U all 27), anybody having a house in the countryside, can erect a unit in his garden of 20 to 35 square meter without ‘Building Permit’....

  • The Oven

    18 octobre 2009 ( #Oven high temperature )

    This is a Train Station in open air and Here under, a bath room with water splashing on it constantly Here a few pictures of the OVEN What could we do with the “products after High Temperature Treatment” ??? see above outside Flooring – even for Railway...

  • Our Mission

    18 octobre 2009 ( #Our Pledge )

    To be socially and ecologically responsible while also being economically successful. This principle of sustainability is the guideline Chalet & Bamboo Co.,Ltd uses for long-term strategic, as well as day-to-day, decisions and activities. It is also a...

  • Our Products

    20 octobre 2009 ( #Products )

    1.- Finished prefab Cabins/chalets 2.- parquet flooring in small quantities and special colors and special sizes 3.- portable dance floor parquet for hotel function rooms etc… 4.- wall and ceiling panels. 5.- opium mat style bamboo as wall and/or ceiling...

  • Where and who are we ?

    21 octobre 2009 ( #Contact )

    บริษัท ชาเลท์ แอนด์ แบมบู จำกัด Chalet & Bamboo Co., LTD. 7th Km. Chiang Mai-Hod Rd., 251 Moo 8, T. Nongkwai, Hangdong, Chiang Mai 50230 Thailand Tel: +66 53 430 436 Fax: +66 430 437 251-251 /1 หมู่ที่ 8 ตำบลหนองควาย อำเภอหางดง จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ 50230...

  • Roof tiles - Wall sidings

    08 septembre 2010 ( #Products )

    Roof Tiles: For roof tiles, we use regular cement tiles (so we have the ''water proofness") and we apply on it, split bamboo, after having treated it, sandblasted and applied linseed oil. Sizes: maximum 30 x 80 cm Need 8,5 pieces for 1 square meter, because...


    27 avril 2011 ( #Products )

    Refurbishing wooden shingles/shackle roofs. At Chalet & Bamboo, we do have the know how and skills to make any wooden refurbishing. For example in this case old teak wood roofs- replaced by Canadian Cedar wood Shingles/shackles. Rénovation d’une couverture...

  • E.F.E.O. ChiangMai

    01 août 2011 ( #Renovation - toits * roofs )

    On a fini les toits de l’E.F.E.O. a ChiangMai (Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient). Le travail consistait a enlever les anciennes tuiles en Teck. Enlever toute l’ancienne charpente, garder les bois réutilisables, les traiter. Remplacer tout ce qui a été...

  • Shipping container Transformation

    11 mai 2011

    Voici quelques exemples de transformations de container maritimes en habitation ou business. La creation est l’œuvre des architectes, Doris Mizrahi (Israélienne) et de Oliviero Godi (Italien). avec l’aide leur de design,...

  • Types of Bamboo we use.

    18 octobre 2009 ( #Type of Bamboo )

    Thai - Name English - Latin - Name ไผ่บงใหญ่ Pai Bong Yai Dendrocalamus Brandisii ไผ่ตง Pai Tong Dendrocalamus asper Backer ไผ่หก Pai Hok Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees ไผ่ไร่ Pai Rai Gigantochloa albociliata ไผ่รวก Pai Ruak Thysostachys siamensis ไผ่รวก...

  • Why prefab ?

    18 octobre 2009 ( #Technique )

    Modularity Quality Speed of construction without • Ecological, but no extremism, meaning that if we need another material, we use it with moderation... being disturbed by weather .conditions. Ecology Design Ecological, but no extremism, meaning that if...

  • Download PDF Telechargements.

    22 octobre 2010 ( #Products )

    For your comfort, you can download The following: Pour votre confort, vous pouvez telecharger les PDF suivants: Catalog et presentation directement de notre site: English Catalog

  • The Carbon Cycle

    16 décembre 2009

    All animals, including humans, absorb oxygen (02) and exhale Carbon (CO2). Plants breathe in CO2 and exhale O2. In this way plants and animals have a system of mutual benefit and dependence on each other. When a plant breathes in CO2 and exhales O2, the...

  • Dix bonnes raisons de construire en Bambou.

    02 février 2010

    1.- Performances mécaniques Le bambou présente des caractéristiques mécaniques hors du commun, notamment un compromis exceptionnel résistance / quantité de matière. Cela permet des grandes portées, des structures fines, élancées, s’inscrivant harmonieusement...

  • HOW TO HAVE AN eco-conscience Attitude ?

    08 mars 2010

    How to have an ECO-CONSCIENCE approach ? 1.- The principle: We should preserve the earth we live on – it is the only one we have. We are constantly making ourselves aware of what glues and other products we are using, for example, we treat our bamboo...

  • Pourquoi traiter a la CHAUX? Why LIME treatment ?

    14 janvier 2011

    Traitement a la Chaux. Une question CRUCIALE. En effet, le Bambou est une plante (herbe) magique, mal, ou pas assez utilisée, etc… etc… Je vous fais grâce de la liste ‘incomplète’ que l’on pourrait dire à ce sujet, émission d’oxygène, purification de...

  • Work in progress

    18 octobre 2009 ( #In progress )

    We are installing some machines, and preparing the place to receive the others.

  • Inside knot piercing Machine

    09 mars 2010 ( #Technique )

    Inside Knot piercing machine. To enable the treatment product to go everywhere.

  • Splitting machine

    22 décembre 2009

    Machine a fendre le Bambou

  • Dec 21 2009 the second set of 2 bassins

    22 décembre 2009

    Movie 74.wmv

  • The Slab

    22 décembre 2009

    Pic 050 Final.avi

  • Louver - Persiennes

    15 mars 2011

    Those 'Louver' are very successful for interior and exterior. In exterio

  • Contact

    21 octobre 2011

    Mbl Thailand +66 864 296 501 +66 858 657 022