HOW TO HAVE AN eco-conscience Attitude ?

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 How to have an ECO-CONSCIENCE approach ?

1.- The principle: We should preserve the earth we live on – it is the only one we have. We are constantly making ourselves aware of what glues and other products  we are using, for example, we treat our bamboo with ‘lime’ we use latex/acrylic glues . we are careful in all aspects which can affect the environment.

2.- Simplicity

This is why we opted for the 2 imbricate “U” as design- one in Bamboo/ or laminated bamboo and the other in glass..

3.- Design:

We must remember also, that people have to live in our units. Only professional designers/architect is able to give this final touch.

This is why we asked Antoine GALAND to design our unit.

To respect Rhythm, Proportion in fact reel ‘comfort’.

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