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  Chalet & Bamboo.,Co. Ltd  is starting to produce Small Cabins to enter in the niche market of:

  - In many countries, (E.U all 27), anybody having a house in the countryside, can erect a unit in his garden of  20 to 35 square meter without ‘Building Permit’. (just working permit = autorisation de travaux).

  - A lot of camping’s, hotel resorts use independent units.

  Bamboo has been used for building since thousands of years.

After a visit to Thailand, Nicolas Podlinski  Our “Production Manager’ decided to build those cabins in bamboo and/or any other wood to help the planet.

  Nicolas was trained in South of France  as ‘Charpentier’ – Carpenter, specialized  in Joinery and wood structures for construction. His training and experience was done through a craftsmen guild : ‘Les Compagnons’.


The design and conception, is a creation of Antoine Galand  Architect in  Brussels / Belgium.




The most important point: Treatment of Bamboo

The ones we choose are the following:

1.- Borax .  see   http://www.borax.com/borates2g.html


2.- Lime (eau de chaux)   ปูนขาว   (Calcium).

Lime: is used only since 6,000 years so I believe it has proven its efficiency – sure the product in itself is inexpensive, but requires a lot of work.




We also received know how and advice from the famous French Artist :

Jacques Sagot


Ratchawithi.T    Sriphoom

Chiang Mai 50200


Tel: +66 892 646 062



EMAIL: "Jacques Sagot" <jacques.sagot@yahoo.fr>,


3.- High temperature treatment.

       About this system, one can see the following websites :







We refuse any CCA or ‘tanalised E’ etc... systems.



Our products do not contain any VOC (VOC= volatile organic compounds)

Then comes the drying:

We choose

1.-  a solar Kiln dryer.

2.- the OVEN for high temperature does treat and dry in the same operation.




This production once in full speed, will allow us to produce different construction materials, such as:

a) Sandwich boards

b) Laminated 15 cm thick boards  (3meter by 65 cm)

c) Boards obtained by ‘binderless’ method

d) Flooring parquet

e) Wall and ceiling panels


We will use in the future the difference essences:

1.- Rubber Trees High temperature treatment

After 25 years, the rubber trees does not produce any latex anymore.

Only a small portion of it is used as timber.

After High temperature treatment, we can use it as

external walling

•           roof tiles

•           outside (like garden or swimming pool) flooring.

2.- coconut trees

3.- palm oil trees

4.- Mangoes trees

Etc…   all kind of trees not/or little used ‘normally’ as timber


We think also at   Using waste rice straws, we could:

Avoid the smog from Chiang Mai until the Burmese border, because the farmers, despite the forbid ness (do not know what to do with it)  and do burn it….

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heavy duty castors 05/05/2012 08:00

These cabin or drawers are really great because of castor wheels. They can be move to any place where ever you want to put it.