Why Bamboo ?

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The “wood” of the future is GRASS it is BAMBOO !!!

Briefly, we must do something about the climate change.In our little corner, we try to do our best believing that if each of us does something, we will succeed to save this Planet for our CHILDREN.

 If you look into Bamboo- you know already the reasons, but as you know bamboo does have so many uses, it is difficult to produce an exhaustive list.


1.- Bamboo Charcoal

2.- Paper

3.- Cloth

4.- Toothpicks

5.- Chopsticks

6.- Grill picks

7.- Furniture

8.- Houses

9.- Flooring / parquet




10.- Wall and ceiling panels

11.- Charcoal and active Charcoal

12.- vinegar

13.- Shampoo

14.- Anti odor elements in textile (socks + lingerie)

15.- Food (bamboo shoot)

16.- Panda food

17.- Anti static electricity in too dry places

18.- Bactericide in water



Some General Facts.

The first electric light bulbs by Thomas Edison, used a carbonized piece of bamboo as a filament.
Alexander Graham Bell made the first phonograph needle out of bamboo.
Bamboo provided the first re-greening in Hiroshima after the atomic blast, and was the first plant to regenerate in Vietnam after vast areas were defoliated by Agent Orange.
Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than trees and can reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) by sequestering 12 tons of CO2 per hectare.
Bamboo can be made into a soft, breathable and naturally anti-bacterial textile.
Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world.
Over one billion people in the world live in bamboo houses.
Bamboo is rapidly renewable; it matures in just 3 - 5 years, compared to up to 60 years for hardwoods.

Save the planet USE BAMBOO  !!!

Not only, should we leave a planet livable for our children, but since they are totally innocent, we should preserve them from any harmful, volatile or other product in the place we are bringing them up, like ‘strange’ glues additives etc… to protect their health!!!



The “wood” of the future is GRASS it is BAMBOO !!!


Le “bois” du futur, c’est de l’HERBE c’est du BAMBOU !!!


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